Free database manager for MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SQLite & More

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For all web developers that work with database engines, today we have a great application that you definitely need to add to your collection. DBeaver, a free database manager works with all popular database engines like MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SQLite, Sybase, Firebird and much more. The database manager is built upon Java so its working […]

SweetiePlus – 120 free PNG icons

Today we have a set of PNG icons that come from Joseph North, a great designer from Sublink interactive. The icon set is called SweetiePlus and has 120 total icons and comes in two sizes: 16x16px or 24x24px. Icons are best suitable for web applications being mostly action icons. They come in PNG format with […]

Set of 350 pixel perfect icons

Today we present an amazing set of free icons made by a small design and development team specialized in WordPress development called Brankic1979. The set itself includes 350 icons and comes as a single PSD file, each item being able to be scaled to any size without loss of quality. The icons are a perfect […]

Roundup of 25+ free WordPress themes – Month 1

So every month we’ll do a roundup of free WordPress theme that we’ve posted this month. Being month 1, currently we have a list of 25+ free WordPress theme that are suitable best for General/Blog posts. Every WordPress theme has an option page, provide feature images, sliders and much more. But, enough of text, lets […]

Free WordPress theme – Raison

Day 28, Raison free WordPress theme. Its a simple but stylish one and content provides thumbnails to add a nice effect to the look. Comes with a powerful Admin Panel and works with the latest version of WordPress. The full list of features can be found bellow. Free WordPress theme – Raison – features & […]

Free WordPress theme – Denito

Day 23 has come bringing up Denito WordPress theme. Denito is a perfect free WordPress theme for those looking for a General/Blog website that is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Denito also presents a couple of features (check them bellow). Free WordPress theme – Denito – features & screenshot Easy to use […]

Free WordPress theme – Neptuniumize

Day 14 from our free WordPress theme a day campaign. Today we present Neptuniumize. This minimalist magazine theme comes with unlimited background color options, but the great functionality of “.pot” files to make easy translations. The WordPress theme was tested in multisite environment and this makes it a WordPress MU compatible theme. This is an […]

91 free vector icons from Smashing Magazine

Today we present another set of free vector icons but this time provided by Smashing magazine. The pack is named August Interactive Icon Pack, and its mainly focused on web UI design including items like arrows, actions, media player, download icons and many for to help you out create great interfaces. The free vector icons […]

Free WordPress theme – BlogPro

Day 4 of our free WordPress theme campaign. Today we present BlogPro, a smart theme build and suitable for General/Blog blogs. The free WordPress theme comes with 8+ custom widgets and has an easy to use administration panel (you can easily upload your logo or favicon). Free WordPress theme – BlogPro – Features & Screenshot […]

Massive list of free photoshop brushes

If you are a dedicated designer, you know that using brushes on your design it’s very eye-catchy. Usually, searching for brushes on the Internet it’s a long and boring process and usually there’s less time for this kind of stuff. Well, today you are in luck. Here is a massive list of free photoshop brushes […]