Web file manager built with jQuery

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elFinder is an Open-Source file manager web application written mainly in JavaScript and jQuery UI. Inspiration was from the Finder program in Mac OS X and and supports all operation with files and folder that are on a remote server (operations like copy, move, upload, create folder or file, rename, etc). The web application also […]

jQuery file upload with progress bar and preview

jQuery file upload is a ready to use file uploading widget that works with any server-side platform including PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Go, Node.js, Java, and anything else that supports the standard HTML form for uploading files. The jQuery file upload plugin comes with support for multiple file selection, drag&drop and offers progress bars […]

ownCloud – Free web open source file app manager

Due to bad privacy that kind of changes very often on major sites like Google or Facebook, users want more and more to self-host their files, contacts or information and don’t worry about privacy anymore. Well, ownCloud has thought of this and build up a cool applications to support this movement. The application has a […]

Upload file with progress: HTML5

So in the end seems that HTML5 finally solved the problem with the upload (showing the progress as the file uploads). Essentially, to create this you need to hook into the server’s byte stream while it is receiving a file so you know how many bytes you received and send that information back to the […]