Open Source HTML5 Rich text editor

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Today we are going to talk about a HTML5 Rich text editor called wysihtml5. Coming as an Open Source tool, the text editor is based on HTML5 technology and the progressive-enhancement approach. The editor is using a sophisticated security concept aiming to generate fully HTML5 markup preventing inline styles and unmaintainable tags. The HTML5 text […]

In-Browser code editing library

CodeMirror is the library we are talking about and its used to create a pleasant editor interface for code-like content (HTML markup, computer programs, etc). So, in big terms, if there is a mode for the language your are editing, the specific code will be colored. Also, CodeMirror supports other great stuff like Autocompletition, Mode […]

simple and powerful web CSS editor

If you ever wanted to code (only CSS) on your site from anywhere, you can now do this using WebPutty. This hosted service is a simple CSS editing application which gives you a syntax-highlighting CSS editor, lets you use the power of SCSS and Compass, provides a side-by-side preview panel, instant publishing with minification, compression […]