Responsive CSS3 slider with no JavaScript

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Seems that more things that would be achieved using JavaScript can now be achieved quite easily using only CSS3. Today I present such a thing, a responsive CSS3 slider built by Ian Hansson, a designer from London. The slider requires no JavaScript. The slider is similar to JavaScript ones working by floating all the content […]

CSS3 transitions with jQuery

CSS3 transitions can be easily achieved using and coding CSS3 but usually takes time and you need to consider browser support and browser prefixes. Today we provide a jQuery plugin to help you maximize your time when dealing with CSS3 transitions. The plugin is called jQuery Transit and works perfect in IE 10+, Firefox 4+, […]

Add CSS3 specific browser prefixes automatically

Currently, not all browsers support CSS3 full and with all its properties and surely you know every browser has its own CSS prefix (-moz for Firefox, -webkit for Chrome and Safari, -o for Opera, etc). This means that whenever your write down a new CSS3 property you surely need to add browser specifics tags to […]

CSS3 pulse effect

Today I was playing around with CSS3 keyframes and I’ve made a small experiment that makes a pulse effect on some social icons. The experiment is quite easy to make and I will detail a bit every part of the CSS3 code. The code is free to use in both commercial and personal projects. Lets […]

nice CSS3 sign-in buttons

Nicolas Gallagher has recently created some nice CSS3 sign-in buttons under public license. The buttons come in 2 different formats (normal, large) and support services like Facebook, GitHub, Google, OpenID, Twitter, Windows Live ID and Yahoo!. The button work great in most modern browsers (Google Chrome, FF 3.5+, Safari 4+, IE 10+, Opera 11.10+). Note […]

HTML5/CSS3 UI framework: Kendo UI

Kendo UI is a jQuery-based framework for building HTML5/CSS3 modern HTML applications. It combines the best of emerging HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies and provides a robust and cross-browser framework that is both powerfully rich and broadly compatible with older browsers also! This framework is build main for HTML developers and can be used with […]

Gallery of CSS3 transitions: Animatable

CSS3 transitions are somehow new in the web world, and bring many possibilities on animating and morphing HTML elements. So, today’s gallery features neat CSS3 transitions that you can use in your feature projects/experiments/etc. Lea Verou has created and is willing to share with us a beautiful CSS3 experiment called Animatable. This experiment showcases different […]

Soft Image Transition using CSS3

Usually, making transitions on images required some JavaScript skills to accomplish. But, with the new CSS3 code that just arrived, you can do this very easily without JavaScript. Keep in mind that I’m not the one who build this, but found it interesting and wanted to share it with you. Denis Bobrovnikov did this great […]

List of free CSS3 generators

Well, if you didn’t know about CSS so far, you can find some great info here. Now, CSS3 is relatively new and has some great features to show off. Most of them were introduced to reduce the amount of time you would need to code to reach the same result (e.g. border-radius, shadows on text, […]

CSS3 border animantions done easilly

Hey guys. Hope your doing well. So today we are going to do some small examples and how to add some CSS3 effects on mouseover on different elements. The effects will be done under the border and it’s using only CSS3 and HTML. The full source code of this CSS3 border animation can be found […]

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