jQuery plugin that allows you to animate CSS based on distance

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This plugin is a great way to attract your visitors to a specific point from your page. Approach, the jQuery plugin that we are talking about can easily animate CSS properties based on distance to an object. Basically, approaching a specific HTML element you can animate it however you want. The closer you get to […]

Responsive CSS framework with a UI Kit

Gumby is a new and great responsive CSS grid framework (similar to 960px grid system) that is great for developing new projects. Why do I say this? Well, Gumby is a very customizable grid system that without any big effort can be configured to work in any resolution satisfying every need (possibilities are endless, the […]

CSS framework for creating responsive websites

Responsive design is getting more and more publicity as we speak and every website out there is trying to achieve the badge of “responsive website”. Today, we present a CSS framework to help you develop responsive websites quickly. Responsive GS, a fluid grid CSS framework comes in 3 flavors: a 12, a 16 and 24 […]

5+ Fresh CSS tools for developers

Web technologies are constantly shifting up and down and upgrading to new stuff by the day. Developers (like me) usually don’t have much time to invest in new tools and thats why every list of new technologies are always a best way to go. Today, we provide one of this kind of lists, and basically […]

Online CSS sprite generator

As a web developer you always try to make your projects perform great (regarding speed, rendering, etc). There are a lot of ways to make a website load quickly providing great performance. Using CSS sprites is one of those methods (reducing HTTP requests thus resulting in faster loading times). In short term, CSS sprites are […]

Generate CSS based on your HTML markup

Every time you startup a new project, usually you start creating your HTML markup and afterwards starting formatting it via CSS files. Today we will talk about a small website that can help you generate CSS based on your HTML markup. Basically, the sites name is Bear CSS and is a handy tool especially for […]

CSS buttons powered with font-face icons

Zocial is a nice set of CSS buttons (no images were used) that are build up with custom @font-face icons. Zocial provides buttons for 40+ services including the most popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc, but also not so popular ones like Skype, Stumbleupon, etc. Every button in the set can be displayed with […]

JavaScript and CSS minify on MAC OSX

Minimus is a nice GUI frontend for Yahoo’s YUI. To clear this out a little bit, instead of using online and slow websites to minify JavaScript or CSS (we already talk about an awesome online CSS compressor), you can now do it straight from your MAC desktop. Its very simple and all you have to […]

Online and simple CSS compressor

If you are into great but simple applications, then excssive is one of the sites you might like. Why? Because is hosting a simple but yet very useful drag and drop CSS compressor. The idea of the site is to let you drag into it unlimited number of CSS files and its going to automatically […]

10+ CSS frameworks worth considering

Coding nowadays has become faster and faster due to different CSS/HTML/JavaScript frameworks and I kind of love that. The problem is that more frameworks are build everyday and picking up the good ones might be quite difficult. So, today’s list features a nice set of CSS frameworks that is worth checking out. All the frameworks […]

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