Awesome online code playground

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Besides jsFiddle (that I personal use), there are a lot of online code playgrounds out there and one of them is Fiddle Salad. This fresh web development tool, is basically and online IDE very useful for client-side web applications. Fiddle Salad allows you to write HTML, CSS and JavaScript code or use alternatives like HAML, […]

Online code formatter for HTML, CSS and JavaScript

When working with source codes, is cool to have it all formatted, easy to read and most of all working. The last part depends on who is written the code but with the first two, I found something interesting that can help you out with ugly code. So, without further delay I present Dirty Markup […]

In-Browser code editing library

CodeMirror is the library we are talking about and its used to create a pleasant editor interface for code-like content (HTML markup, computer programs, etc). So, in big terms, if there is a mode for the language your are editing, the specific code will be colored. Also, CodeMirror supports other great stuff like Autocompletition, Mode […]