HTML canvas library for easy implementation

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HTML Canvas library is a very lightweight and standalone JavaScript wrapper for the native HTML5 canvas element that helps by simplifying the creation of animation and visualization using canvas. The library comes with easy to use and consistent methods that can help you achieve or handle task like animation with framerate control, cross-borwser keyboard/mouse and […]

Working with HTML5 canvas: JavaScript library

EaselJS is a JavaScript library for helping out when working with HTML5 canvas. What Easel does is to provide a retained graphics mode for HTML5 canvas including a full, hierarchical display list, a core interaction model or classes to make working with HTML5 canvas much easier (we all know that currently, canvas in HTML5 is […]

Build an animated tag cloud with HTML5

At some point in the past, tag clouds were the most popular items on a page and they were used to help user find the most used tags. At first they were build in simple HTML or Flash having different animations that captured users eyes. But, with the coming of the HTML5, Flash kind of […]