Cross browser easy to stylize select element with jQuery and CSS

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There are some cases where select dropdowns don’t work as expected in all browsers (works mainly in all major ones) and, if you want to fix that then coreUISelect is the thing you need. Based on the power of jQuery, coreUISelect provides a cross browser solution for select elements that you can easily style up. […]

Build rich single-page browser applications

Batman.js is a JavaScript framework that helps you build rich web applications with CoffeScript or simple JavaScript. The application code is concise and declarative thanks to a powerful system of view bindings and observable properties. The API is design to keep happy the developer and designer in the same time. Batman.js also has a stateful […]

Auto-refresh web page on CSS edit

Well all now how annoying it is to make a CSS modifications and for each modification you need a browser refresh to see the results. Well, I think this nice little thing called CSSrefresh might help you out. CSSrefresh is a small JavaScript file that automates this process by instantly applying your modifications without a […]

Automaticaly add browser prefix to any CSS code

We all know how important is to use good CSS selectors and how to keep the file as minimized as possible. This is when prefix free comes to save us. -prefix-free lets you use ONLY unprefixed CSS properties. After you write your normal CSS code, -prefix-css automatically adds browser prefix to any CSS code (only […]