jQuery HTML5 Audio/Video Library

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jPlayer is a jQuery HTML5 audio or video plugin that allows you to rapidly add cross-browser audio or video into your pages. Providing a great API, the jQuery HTML5 audio/video plugin allows you to create innovative media solutions having the benefit of a growing community for support. The plugin is totally customizable and skinnable via […]

Emulate HTML5 audio in all browsers

If you want to use the full power of HTML5’s audio tag, then Audio.js is the JavaScript library you need. It easily allows you to use the “audio” tag anywhere. Its Using the “audio” native tag where available and an small invisible flash player for browsers that don’t support it. The JavaScript audio library also […]

JavaScript audio codecs for your website

Web browsers are becoming more powerful by the day and new APIs are constantly making everything more interesting and dynamically. Today well speak about one of this kind of APIs, and to be more specific, the Web Audio API . The guys at ofmlabs invested in the past much time in proving and improving the […]

4 audio wordpress plugins for your blog

We all know that WordPress is an extremely extensible CMS and that you can turn it into a e-commerce shop, blog, video blog, etc. But what happens if you want to add audio to your blog? Today I will show you a couple of audio WordPress plugins to get you started with audio on your […]