Develop Rich HTML5 Applications with Montage

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Today we present another framework based on JavaScript that lets you develop rich HTML5 applications. The framework uses JavaScript for front-end stuff and Node.js for back-end and it has been designed to allow you to design applications optimized for both present and future devices. Using Montage, you can build cool UIs for the client and […]

JavaScript UI framework for HTML5 mobile apps

Like other JavaScript UI frameworks, Mobello (the framework we have today) in an open source framework that tries to simplify the development process of creating HTML5 mobile applications. The application aims to provide a native experience being optimized for mobile and providing over 20+ UI components widely used. There is also a IDE (Mobello Studio) […]

Crate animated GIFs online

You can use multiple web-based applications out there that can edit images in many ways and some of them usually become a great alternative to our desktop editing softwares. But when it comes to animated GIF support, the list becomes very small and achieving animated GIFs is quite hard without desktop support. MotherEffingAnimatedGIF is a […]

Real-time and Open Source Mobile Analytics App

Like Google Analytics, Countly, a real-time open source mobile analytics application collects data from mobile phones and visualizes this information for later analysis related to usage and end-user behaviour. The application provides a stunning dashboard where data is presented with awesome graphics in a elegant way. You don’t need to dig to find information you […]

Mobile framework for MooTools – Moobile

I’ve seen a lot of mobile frameworks out there and most of them were built upon jQuery. But, if you are a MooTools guru, then Moobile is the project you need. The mobile web application frameworks is built on MooTools and is focused on providing a iOS like experience on Webkit browsers. The mobile framework […]

OpenSource & Ruby on Rails powered project management application

Usually, when in a team, a project management application is needed. So, today we preset ChiliProject, an open source project management application to help you track aspects of a specific project. The application is build with Ruby on Rails on top of Redmine by the long-standing community members. The project management applications offers features for […]

JavaScript framework for creating ambitious web applications

Ember.js is an awesome JavaScript framework to help you create ambitious web applications by eliminating boilerplate and providing standard application architecture. Like other modern JavaScript frameworks out there, Ember.js works a little bit differently and instead of the majority of your application’s logic that is living on the server, this ambitious web application framework downloads […]

Build a mobile application: How-To

I recently came across a awesome blog post on how to build a mobile application using jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap. The application is written by Christophe Coenraets and even though the application is quite simple, it covers some common requirements of mobile applications (database access through JSON services, multi-level master-detail views, parameter passing between views, […]

ownCloud – Free web open source file app manager

Due to bad privacy that kind of changes very often on major sites like Google or Facebook, users want more and more to self-host their files, contacts or information and don’t worry about privacy anymore. Well, ownCloud has thought of this and build up a cool applications to support this movement. The application has a […]