Make animations from static images with jQuery

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Every wanted to make some animations using static images combined with jQuery? Probably not but if you ever want to, you can easily do it using this jQuery plugin called JZoopraxiscope. To make it work, the plugin requires jQuery but jQuery UI also and an image to represent the sequence to be animated. Demo can […]

Create dynamic character and background animations

There are a couple of ways to create background animations or character animations and most of them are tricky to do. But, today I present you guys a simpler way to do it using jQuery.spritely, a plugin that allows you to easily create background or character animations in pure HTML and JavaScript. Lightweight and simple, […]

CSS3 border animantions done easilly

Hey guys. Hope your doing well. So today we are going to do some small examples and how to add some CSS3 effects on mouseover on different elements. The effects will be done under the border and it’s using only CSS3 and HTML. The full source code of this CSS3 border animation can be found […]