PNG image optimizer for Windows OS

There are a lot of online image optimizers out there, but mostly of them are online. What happens when you are working on an offline project and you need to optimize some PNG files? Today we present PNGGauntlet, a free PNG image optimizer for Windows OS.

Having a nicely done drag and drop interface, this PNG image optimizer can quickly optimize any given number of files. PNGGauntlet combines the algorithms of PNGOUT, OptiPNG and DeflOpt to create the smallest file possible generating lossless outputs. In fact, this image optimizer can minify other type of image formats, being converted to PNG before processing. For those who want fine tunning on compression process, PNGGauntlet offers several settings.

A couple of OS alternatives for PNGGauntlet image optimizer are: ImageOptim (for Mac OS X), Trimage (for Linux/Unix) or even PNGOUTWin (for Windows).

PNG image optimizer for Windows OS

PNG image optimizer for Windows

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