Email Newsletter Layouts for your next campaign

We all know that email marketing is very important in maintaining a business and in some cases, email newsletter layouts may be tricky to achieve. That’s why today’s list features some great email newsletter layouts to use in your next campaign.

The list contains already drawn templates in different editable formats like PNG or PSD. Every email newsletter layout is free for use. Usually this email newsletter layouts can be transform in HTML templates and can be sent simply to your customers.

Ok guys, enjoy the templates and have fun with them. P.S: Sorry for the loss of clarity on the examples.

‘Worn’ Email Template

HandCraftet Newsletter Layout


‘Retro Green’ Email Template

Retro Green email newsletter template


‘Eco’ Email Template

Eco Letter Newsletter Template


‘Gridworks’ Email Template

GridWorks Email Newsletter Template


‘Fabric’ Email Template

Fabric email newsletter template


‘Cotton Rag’ Email Template

Cotton Rag Email Newsletter template


‘Natural’ Email Template

Natural Newsletter email templates


‘AirMail’ Email Template

Air Mail Newsletter template


‘Mute’ Email Template

Mute newsletter email template


For the full list of email newsletter layouts feel free to check this link.

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