Build responsive websites using JavaScript’s help

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Building responsive websites can sometimes be tricky because you need to create custom CSS conditions for all “@media” queries (I personally, don’t know them all). So, searching around, we found a nice, standalone and very lightweight (under 1kb) JavaScript library for targeting web page designs depending on device or browser size thus making your website responsive.

The plugin name is Syze and allows you to define any number of breakpoints (better called widths) using a single function setting up a class on the <body> element automatically depending on the window resize or change in orientation. Plus, there are also a couple of functions provided that collect devices and browser sizes setting up custom debounce rate to make sure that user’s CPU remains “calm” when syze is active.

This responsive website helper plugin also allows callbacks that are fired after each event making it awesome for adding custom stuff.

Build responsive websites using JavaScript’s help

Build responsive websites using JavaScript's help

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By Bogdan on February 9, 2012 · Posted in GRAPHICS, JAVASCRIPT

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