Write your text in ticker type effect: jTicker

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Well, this jQuery plugin takes an elements children and display them one by one in a sequence and writing the text inside the elements in a ticker tape effect. The plugin is smart enough to ticker any text from an element hierarchy and then inserting them into the DOM tree as it needs them. Meaning, the plugin can ticker almost any element on the DOM.

jTicker includes a couple of neat features like: handles any number of alternating cursors (or just one), the jTicker cursor container is styleable using the class .cursor, or can be defined as your own jQuery object. Also, jTicker reacts to jQuery event like “play”, “stop” and “control”.

Main problem that jTicker currently has is that it can’t understand text and children at the same level, so if you want some text and then a link you need to wrap the text into a span or div element. More on this on their homepage

Example of text in ticker type effect

jQuery Ticker type effect

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