Simultaneous, stable and resumable HTML5 uploads

Resumable.js is a great JavaScript library when working with HTML5 uploads. It provides multiple simultaneous, stable and resumable uploads via the HTML5 file API. The HTML5 upload library was design to introduce fault-tolerance when uploading large files through HTTP.

Basically, the HTML5 upload library is splitting each file into small chunks and whenever the upload of a chunk fails, uploading is retired until it successfully uploads. This allows uploads to automatically resume when the users has a connection problem, and also allows them to pause and resume uploads without loosing state.

Due to the fact that this HTML5 upload library is based on the HTML5 file API and the ability to chunk the file into small pieces, it is only supported by Firefox 4+ and Chrome 11+ (sorry guys).

Simultaneous, stable and resumable uploads HTML5

Simultaneous, stable and resumable HTML5 uploads

Download Resumable.js

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