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Hey guys! I came across a great MooTools plugin that you might need when bulding your next project. Plugin’s name is SIMPLEMODAL and it is used to create modal windows (popup, boxes, etc). Besides creating MooTools modal windows, this plugin can also generate alert or confirmation messages using just a few lines on code. As you know, confirmation configuration requires the use of callbacks functions.

This plugin can work also in asynchronous mode and can retrieve content from external pages (HTML, images, video, etc). This MooTools modal window plugin can be customized also (options like: opacity, width, overlay color, etc).

To show you how simple it is, check the following code (used on alert integration).

$("myElement").addEvent("click", function(){
  var SM = new SimpleModal({"btn_ok":"Alert button"});{
        "contents":"Your message..."

Keep in mind that this plugin requires the MooTools javascript framework to work. In case you’ve missed it, it can be download here.

Some examples of the MooTools modal window plugin

MooTools modal Window plugin

Download/More Examples

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