Lightweight framework for creating mobile applications

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Usually, there a several awesome frameworks out there for building mobile web applications like that one that I’ve blogged a couple of days ago and usually they can handle almost any scenario. But, usually this kind of applications handle complicated and nasty apps and building a simple one (removing unwanted code, files, etc) can be quite tricky. Well, Zoey is here to help.

Build on HTML5 and CSS3 and top of Zepto.js, this mobile framework weights only 6KB (gzipped) and has UI components like navigation, lists, buttons, control groups, forms and grids. Zoey is compatible with iOS and Android and comes with an app skeleton that covers all the features.

Lightweight framework for creating mobile applications – Preview

Lightweight framework for creating mobile applications

Download/Demo Zoey

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1 Comment

  1. Domingo Alvarez Duarte



    Hello !
    I can’t figure out how to manage several pages on the same html file and how to swap between then without loose then.

    Example I’ve added the article from usage.html inside the demo html and changed it’s id to “usage” and one navigation link to:
    “a href=#usage data-role=button”

    When I click on that link it shows the usage page and pressing “Back” button works but if I try again it fails, it seems that when pressed back for the first time it removed the usage page from the cached pages.

    Thanks for any help.

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