JavaScript motion framework: jsMorph

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jsMorph is a JavaScript animation framework that can help you animate almost any HTML element on your page. The framework auto-detects start positions, auto convert units and it automatically adjusts rendering speed and corrects time leaks for a smoother animation experience. jsMorph can do single or grouped triggering and can handle plenty of unique callback functions.

The framework is only 2.3kb and all methods within jsMorph are chaiable for less hassle and coding. It works very fast and can be used for converting units to pixels or any other unit (e.g: em, pt, pc, in, cm, etc).

Also, jsMorph has a smartly timed rendering engine that can do more at a time and also a queuing system for multiple manipulations. It also consumes a small amount of memory and CPU due to it’s “green” resource saving core.

The framework is under MIT & GNU General public License, so you can have as many fun with it as you want.

JavaScript motion framework example

JavaScript Motion Framework

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