HTML5/CSS3 UI framework: Kendo UI

Kendo UI is a jQuery-based framework for building HTML5/CSS3 modern HTML applications. It combines the best of emerging HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies and provides a robust and cross-browser framework that is both powerfully rich and broadly compatible with older browsers also!

This framework is build main for HTML developers and can be used with any server-side technology. To work, Kendo UI requires only jQuery and you’re good to go. The framework features more than 10 UI components that include Grid and Chart, and almost any tools that you need to build HTML5 applications ( Data biding, Templatating, Drag&Drop, APIs and more). Although this framework was build to leverage the power of the new HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies, its also build for browsers that don’t support HTML5 universally. To simplify words, it does for HTML5 application development what jQuery does for JavaScript. This HTML5, CSS3 UI framework also provides full support for mobile and touchscreen devices.

HTML5, CSS3 UI framework

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