Free PHP hit stat counter script

Every website has its own tracker for statistics and most of them use Google Analytics which by the way is very powerful and great! Now it provides live stats also showing up the instant activity. To use another hit stat counter you must have some reasons right? (usually, with the power of GA, there are just a few).

One is this reasons to use another hit stat counter script might be the lack of live overall stats or just the simple need to use an Open Source stat counter. For site owners like me who want to see the overall stats in real-time and needs a simple and lightweight hit stat counter script, ChiliStats is a great alternative.

ChiliStats is build upon PHP with MySQL for data storing and presents a snapshot of the statistics (charts supported) in a “one-view” page, and sub-pages for viewing top-referrers, visited pages or referring keywords. A history page is also provided that shows statistics of past months. This hit stat counter script also provides a widget you can integrate in any web page to show off your visitor count.

Free PHP hit stat counter script

Hit stat counter script

View ChiliStats (currently V3.0)

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  1. Counter for site



    Yeah web stats counter are very useful.It lets you track the number of visits or hits on your website. This will give you idea if there is an improvement of your site traffic.

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