CSS3 animation framework : Animate.css

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So guys, what is CSS3 animation framework? Well, this CSS3 animation framework includes a bunch of cool, fun and crowse-browser (Opera and IE currently not supported) animations that you can use in your feature projects. This animation framework is great for home pages, sliders, button effects and any other UI element that comes in your mind.

To use them, you simply need to add the class to the element you want to animate, or just call the animations yourself in your own CSS file (the classes and animations have the same name).

You can see the animations effects examples bellow and for the demo just check the link after the examples. By default, all the examples have a 0.25 second delay and has a duration of 1 second. Keep in mind that this CSS3 animation framework is currently not supported in all browsers so a good ideea would be to use JavaScript animations as a fallback.

CSS3 animation framework


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