Automaticaly add browser prefix to any CSS code

We all know how important is to use good CSS selectors and how to keep the file as minimized as possible. This is when prefix free comes to save us. -prefix-free lets you use ONLY unprefixed CSS properties. After you write your normal CSS code, -prefix-css automatically adds browser prefix to any CSS code (only when it’s needed).

This let’s call it plugin because there is also a jQuery plugin for this, supports the main browsers (IE9+, Opera 10+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari 4+ and Chrome) and you can use it as a dynamic DOM plugin or as a jQuery plugin mentioned above. Unfortunately this will not work on old browsers like IE8 (nothing will break, just the properties won’t get prefixed) because as we all know IE8 doesn’t support CSS3 anyway.

Add browser prefix to any CSS code plugin features

  • It processes every stylesheet even if it’s in “link” or “style” attribute and adds a vendor prefix where needed
  • Processes elements with a style attribute and adds a vendor prefix.
  • Let’s jQuery’s .css() method get and set unprefixed properties (requires the plugin)

To use this plugin you simply need to add the “prefixfree.js” in your page source code.

Automatically add browser prefix to any CSS code

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