HorizontalNav : jQuery plugin that spans a horizontal navigation

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HorizontalNav is a jQuery helper plugin that spans a horizontal navigation to fit the full width of its parent container. If you have the change to do this in a project, you know how hard and annoying is to make it and this plugin does the job very good. Works in IE7 also. There are […]

Make content sticky on scroll to a point

Trevor Davis, a front-end developer has made a really cool and helpful plugin to make any content sticky on scroll that stops at a certain point (similar to the functionality that is on 9gag). The jQuery plugin can easily be added to your project supporting several options to get you started. Options include the item […]

PHP fundamentals – PHP constants, PHP data types

Continuing with the PHP fundamentals, first we are going to talk about constants, what they are and what do they do. Basically, they represent memory zones referred by a name which initialized, it can’t change. In PHP, constants have the following characteristics. They are created using “define” which gets 2 parameters. First is the name […]

jQuery plugin to organize content in a responsive layout

So looking for a plugin related to responsive layout I ended up finding another plugin that seems very helpful and wanted to share with you guys. Freetile, the jQuery plugin allows you to easily organize your content in a efficient, dynamic and responsive way. The plugin can be enabled and applied on a container element […]

jQuery plugin for modal boxes and popups

There are a lot of jQuery plugins for making modal boxes or popups out there and Avgrund is a new one. Using an interesting concept showing depth between the popup and page, the jQuery modal plugin works great in all major browsers degrading gracefully in those that don’t support it (those that don’t support CSS3 […]