What is PHP? The Beginnings.

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Hey guys. I’ve been so busy lately with some cool projects that unfortunately I haven’t got time to update the blog so often that I used to. I’ve come across some serious problems with the projects and have resolved many of them (I will share with you guys a finished project soon) using stuff I […]

Develop Rich HTML5 Applications with Montage

Today we present another framework based on JavaScript that lets you develop rich HTML5 applications. The framework uses JavaScript for front-end stuff and Node.js for back-end and it has been designed to allow you to design applications optimized for both present and future devices. Using Montage, you can build cool UIs for the client and […]

Text truncation extension to jQuery – trunk8

Text truncation is sometimes needed to display information in a cool and professional way and most of the time this is done using back-end work and not front-end. Today, I present you guys a jQuery plugin that can truncate text easily (more like a text truncation extension for jQuery actually). When applied to large blocks […]

Let users find links on your page by typing

When ending up on a webpage, you don’t usually find the link for going on every time (at least I don’t) and you keep pressing up the ctrl+f combination to find it. TypeLink, a mini pure JavaScript library can help your users find links on your webpage easier with a nice effect without using the […]

jQuery plugin that allows you to animate CSS based on distance

This plugin is a great way to attract your visitors to a specific point from your page. Approach, the jQuery plugin that we are talking about can easily animate CSS properties based on distance to an object. Basically, approaching a specific HTML element you can animate it however you want. The closer you get to […]

Loading favicon piecharts using JavaScript

Have you ever wanted to attract your users attention while loading/uploading something using a thing in the title bar? With this lightweight new library you can easily generate pie charts in your favicon’s place than can dynamically change depending on the parameters you give it. The library is called Piecon and has been tested to […]

Web-scraping framework written in Javascript

At some point you would probably want to scrap out some information from a webpage. This is quite easy to do using dynamic programming languages (PHP, Java) but not so easy achieving it in JavaScript. Thats why, I think that sharing this JavaScript library is a great idea. Basically, pjscrape (the name of the framework) […]

Make animations from static images with jQuery

Every wanted to make some animations using static images combined with jQuery? Probably not but if you ever want to, you can easily do it using this jQuery plugin called JZoopraxiscope. To make it work, the plugin requires jQuery but jQuery UI also and an image to represent the sequence to be animated. Demo can […]