Create sortable lists and grids using native HTML5 drag and drop API

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HTML5 Sortable is a new cool (and better) jQuery plugin that allows you to easily create sortable lists and grids using the native HTML5 drag and drop API. Being lightweight and using new HTML5 API, the plugin supports both grid and lists style layouts having a similar behaviour to the jQuery-UI sortable plugin. The plugin […]

Make any webpage zoom with Zoomooz

Zoomooz is a simple jQuery plugin that allows you to make any element from any webpage zoom-able. You can zoom on image or any other element to show user information in a simple and cool way. You can even zoom to elements that have been translated, scaled and skewed and when zooming they will morph […]

Create dynamic character and background animations

There are a couple of ways to create background animations or character animations and most of them are tricky to do. But, today I present you guys a simpler way to do it using jQuery.spritely, a plugin that allows you to easily create background or character animations in pure HTML and JavaScript. Lightweight and simple, […]

Front-End starter kit for Ruby devs

There are a lot of front-end starter kits out there, and we talked about some of them some time ago. Today we present another starter kit, but this time will target some specific dev people, the ones who love Ruby. The kit’s name is Pondasee and was created by the developers of Tokakoo to help […]

Library for interactive HTML5 visualizations

Hey guys, sorry for not posting recently but I’ve been off. Had a small vacation. Back to today’s resource. I present a library for working with interactive HTML5 visualizations called Envision.js. It comes with 2 chart types (TimeSeries and Finance) and has a great API for developers to build custom charts if needed. The library […]

Easy handle keyboard shortcuts with JavaScript

If you are using key combinations on your website that triggers custom AJAX requests, effects or any other things, than you surely need to manipulate the keyboard. To help you with this, today we present Mousetrap, a standalone library that has no dependencies and is quite lightweight (only 1.4kb minified and gzipped). Current browser support […]

Meteor, a new way to build web applications

Introducing Meteor, a new set of technologies meant for building top-quality web application quickly whether you are an expert developer or you are just getting started. Meteor is build around Smart Packages (bundles of code than can run on a client or inside a cloud service). Using Smart Packages, Meteor addresses each of the main […]

Easily create QR codes, unique and colorful

If you have a smartphone and probably all of you have, QR codes are a best way to provide information easily and in a awesome way. There are a large number of online tools that lets you create QR codes and today we provide another one. Most of the tools out there provide some basic […]

JavaScript UI framework for HTML5 mobile apps

Like other JavaScript UI frameworks, Mobello (the framework we have today) in an open source framework that tries to simplify the development process of creating HTML5 mobile applications. The application aims to provide a native experience being optimized for mobile and providing over 20+ UI components widely used. There is also a IDE (Mobello Studio) […]

Responsive CSS3 slider with no JavaScript

Seems that more things that would be achieved using JavaScript can now be achieved quite easily using only CSS3. Today I present such a thing, a responsive CSS3 slider built by Ian Hansson, a designer from London. The slider requires no JavaScript. The slider is similar to JavaScript ones working by floating all the content […]