Easy implement social sharing buttons

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I know I had a lot of problems implementing social buttons and trying to keep HTTP request as small as possible and loading time as well. Recently I came over a cool JavaScript library that does the job good without having me to configure a lot of things. The library is called Socialite.js and was […]

Cool forum software written in PHP and MySQL

I’ve been searching for this kind of Software for a long time and finally, something has been build. I’m taking about a simple forum that you can customize for different niches. The Software is called esoTalk and its free, open-source that is written in PHP and Mysql (meaning it can run and 99% of the […]

Assembler for HTML5 applications – Brunch

If you develop HTML5 applications you need something to wrap all the files fast. This is where Brunch comes in. An lightweight approach to building HTML5 applications with emphasis on elegance and simplicity. Basically, a great assembler for HTML5 applications. Brunch is agnostic when it comes to frameworks, libraries, programming, stylesheets, etc. To simplify everything, […]

Extra useful pack of features for jQuery

We can all agree that jQuery is by far the most popular JavaScript library out there and it already helps us a lot on minifying and simplifying JavaScript related tasks. But sometimes there are specific actions that jQuery can’t handle and we miss these pieces when developing applications. Thats why, today I’m going to present […]

Password complexity jQuery plugin – Complexify

If you own a website that has user registration, you have a small responsibility to tell them how good their password is (strength). I know achieving this is quite difficult and most of the websites out there don’t have implemented this features. Today I’m going to talk about a small and cool jQuery plugin that […]

Crate animated GIFs online

You can use multiple web-based applications out there that can edit images in many ways and some of them usually become a great alternative to our desktop editing softwares. But when it comes to animated GIF support, the list becomes very small and achieving animated GIFs is quite hard without desktop support. MotherEffingAnimatedGIF is a […]

JavaScript Notifications For Bootstrap Or jQuery UI

Every website needs notifications at some point. Even if you don’t have an user based system you surely wanted to make notifications to capture your users/visitors attention. Today, I present you guys a JavaScript notification plugin that works great with Twitter’s Bootstrap or jQuery UI. The notification plugin was designed mainly to provide an unparalleled […]

Interactive guide for web page elements using jQuery and CSS3

Today I present to you guys an jQuery plugin that uses CSS3 to create interactive visual guides to elements from your website pages. So, instead of cluttering your interface with static help messages, you can easily use pageguide and let users learn about new features and functions the cool way. Pageguide is quite easy to […]

Real-time and Open Source Mobile Analytics App

Like Google Analytics, Countly, a real-time open source mobile analytics application collects data from mobile phones and visualizes this information for later analysis related to usage and end-user behaviour. The application provides a stunning dashboard where data is presented with awesome graphics in a elegant way. You don’t need to dig to find information you […]

Responsive drop-down navigation for mobiles and small screen devices

SelectNav.js is a new JavaScript plugin that lets you easily convert your website navigation into a select drop-down menu. Using this responsive menu plugin alongside with media queries, it helps you create a space saving and responsive navigation for small screen devices. The plugin was inspired from TinyNav.js but it has been rewritten so that […]

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