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Day 41 and we have GadgetNews free WordPress theme. GadgetNews is a nice 2 column WordPress theme that comes with an option panel, featured posts and post thumbnail images. The theme is best suitable for business and tech websites. The full list of features can be found below. Free WordPress theme – GadgetNews Options Page […]

OpenSource & Ruby on Rails powered project management application

Usually, when in a team, a project management application is needed. So, today we preset ChiliProject, an open source project management application to help you track aspects of a specific project. The application is build with Ruby on Rails on top of Redmine by the long-standing community members. The project management applications offers features for […]

Free WordPress theme – Curiumite

Day 40. Another free WordPress theme called Curiumite. This free WordPress theme provides a big header section that has twitter stream overlay placed at the top. Curiumite is build upon an upgraded framework and provides an admin option panel, page tracker, social networking, custom ads and more. The theme also provides a .pot file for […]

Generate CSS based on your HTML markup

Every time you startup a new project, usually you start creating your HTML markup and afterwards starting formatting it via CSS files. Today we will talk about a small website that can help you generate CSS based on your HTML markup. Basically, the sites name is Bear CSS and is a handy tool especially for […]

Free WordPress theme – Kimtea

Day 39, and we have Kimtea. This free WordPress theme is a high quality magazine theme suitable best for magazine/blogging/personal blog websites. Kimtea is working with the latest version of WordPress. Kimtea also provides sidebar management but also ad management so you can easily gain some income from your website. The full list of features […]

CSS3 pulse effect

Today I was playing around with CSS3 keyframes and I’ve made a small experiment that makes a pulse effect on some social icons. The experiment is quite easy to make and I will detail a bit every part of the CSS3 code. The code is free to use in both commercial and personal projects. Lets […]

Free WordPress theme – SuperHost

Day 38 has come and we present SuperHost! This free WordPress theme is suitable best for hosting websites (as the theme name already says that). SuperHost comes with detailed design elements and extensive documentation and support. The full list of features can be checked bellow. Free WordPress theme – SuperHost – features & screenshot Easy […]

Cheatsheets for web developers

Every developer starts building a project with the knowledge he has but sometimes is difficult to remember all the classes/functions/requirements/etc the specific piece of code needs or supports. Thats why today we have provided a small list of cheatsheets to help you in your journey out there. We have collected a list of: cheat sheet […]

Free WordPress theme – Vivo

Day 37 – Vivo free WordPress theme. Vivo is a clean and modern theme suitable best for General/Blog websites. The theme comes with powerful features using the latest WordPress version. You can change your logo, favicon or featured images easily from the admin panel. There are also a lot of custom widgets included in the […]

Free WordPress theme – iApplication

Day 36. iApplication WordPress theme. Its free, has 2 columns and comes with Options/Admin panel. iApplication WordPress theme also provides featured posts, post thumbnail image and more. iApplication is best suitable for tech blogs. Free WordPress theme – iApplication – features & screenshot Options Page Featured Content Ads banners ready Logo .PSD included Twitter, Facebook… […]

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