Free Photoshop grid plugin – GuideGuide

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Usually, dealing with Photoshop grids is causing a large headache and you need to have nerves of steel (at least this is happening to me). But, it doesn’t necessarily needs to be that way. With GuideGuide, dealing with Photoshop grids has never been easier. Pixel columns, rows, midpoints and baselines can now be created based […]

Free WordPress theme – CreamBlog

Day 12 and again a new free WordPress theme. This time, we present CreamBlog. This 2 column WordPress theme comes with an Option/admin panel but also featured posts and post thumbnail functionality. CreamBlog WordPress theme is suitable for personal and fashion blogs. Free WordPress theme – CreamBlog – features & screenshot Options Page Featured Content […]

Free WordPress theme – Creativa

Day 11 comes out with Creativa WordPress theme. This free WordPress theme uses the latest technologies in WordPress (custom menus, backgrounds and featured images). Creativa is suitable for general blogs and has an easy-to-use admin options page. Free WordPress theme – Creativa – features & screenshot Easy to use options page Featured Image Ready 125×125 […]

Scrolling with jQuery – Scrollorama

Scrolling with jQuery has never been easy! We present Scrollorama. This scrolling jQuery plugin is a great way to create eye-candy effects in parallel to the scrolling of web pages. By dividing the content into small blocks, the scrolling jQuery plugin allows you to animate elements on the page (when the specific element is reached) […]

2 UI bootstraps – Twitter & jQuery

Today we present 2 UI bootstraps (one from Twitter, and the other from @addyosmani) to help you get stared with your development of webappps and sites. Each bootstrap includes base CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation and many more. First, the Twitter bootstrap, designed to kickstart development of web applications and […]

Free WordPress theme – Motion

Day 10 from our free WordPress theme campaign. Today we present Motion Magazine. This theme is suitable for personal/news/image blogs and provides a list of features that makes this free WordPress theme, a premium one. Motion Magazine works with the latest WordPress version and has an powerful Admin Panel. Free WordPress theme – Motion – […]

Realtime JSON Templating Similar to jsFiddle

Tmpltr is a realtime JSON templating system, something like a jsFiddle clone. The main difference is that it take’s less about JavaScript and more about realtime template binding. But, this is not a replacement for any of others. The data is stored as JSON, bound to an HTML template and afterwards styled via CSS. Changes […]

Free WordPress theme – NewsSpot

Day 9, NewsSport. Suitable in News/Magazine blogs, NewsSport works with the latest WordPress version. NewsSport WordPress theme provides a lot of options, you can change your logo, favicon or featured images. Also, there are a lot of custom widgets included with the theme. Free WordPress theme – NewsSpot – Features & Screenshot Easy to use […]

Identify fonts on a website easily

Fount is a free bookmarklet that can help you easily identify fonts on any website. To make it work, you need to add the bookmarklet and then activate it with just one click. After, clicking on any text will show you the font name, font size and weight in a growl-like notifications. To identify other […]

Free WordPress theme – Rendered

Day 8 has come and we present Rendered. This theme is suitable for news/magazine blogs having a clean stylish design. Rendered comes with many options, from option panel to feature images. The full list of features can be viewed below. Free WordPress theme – Rendered – Features & Screenshot jQuery Slider Featured Post/Category Thumbnails on […]

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