jQuery plugin for creating nice hovercards

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This is a neat jQuery plugin! Hovercard is free, light weight, runs on jQuery and enables you to display related information with the hovered label, link or any other HTML element that you want. Why is this plugin so cool? Well, it smoothly fades the name into a hovered card (in place), uses minimum CSS […]

Create gnome notifications easily: Notifier.js

Notifier.js is a small jQuery plugin for creating non-blocking Gnome/Growl notifications. To make it work you simply need to include the path to jQuery and notifier.js. Supports success messages, info messages, warning messages, error messages, all with or without title. You can also create custom messages easily without having to muddle trough the code. Bellow […]

Advanced JavaScript presentation

Found a nice presentation a couple of days ago regarding on how to code advanced JavaScript. The presentations has about 245 pages and has been proofread by Lea Verou and Rafat Kukawski. Presentations shows code optimization, code caching, namespacing, arrays and other neat stuff. Check the presentation bellow.

Javascript library for creating vector graphics

Raphaël is a nice small JavaScript library that simplifies your work when creating vector graphics on the web. If you ever need to create your own specific chart or an image crop and rotate widget or just a simple image spinner, you can achieve it simply and easily just using this library. This vector graphic […]

Create a spinner without images

Usually when using AJAX on your website you use an image spinner while retrieving content. But, what if you can create a spin image without using an actually image? Spin.js can do this job for you. This spinner has no images and no external CSS, no dependencies (jQuery is supported but not required), is highly […]

Gmail-like client-side drafts: Sisyphus.js

Every website has its own complex form or a big comment form or any other form that requires special user attention. But, sometimes user’s browser crashes or the user accidentally closes the current tab and looses all the information that he wrote in the form. To eliminate this problem and keep the user happy and […]

nice CSS3 sign-in buttons

Nicolas Gallagher has recently created some nice CSS3 sign-in buttons under public license. The buttons come in 2 different formats (normal, large) and support services like Facebook, GitHub, Google, OpenID, Twitter, Windows Live ID and Yahoo!. The button work great in most modern browsers (Google Chrome, FF 3.5+, Safari 4+, IE 10+, Opera 11.10+). Note […]

10+ CSS frameworks worth considering

Coding nowadays has become faster and faster due to different CSS/HTML/JavaScript frameworks and I kind of love that. The problem is that more frameworks are build everyday and picking up the good ones might be quite difficult. So, today’s list features a nice set of CSS frameworks that is worth checking out. All the frameworks […]

Calculate timespans between two dates easily

Countdown.js is a small JavaScript library that helps you calculate and display timespans between dates. Its a simple and useful library if you want to show up different dates from when your time was launched, baby years, etc. Countdown.js calculates the value continuously and this way it keeps generating accurate output. The library can provide […]

Build beautiful maps with TileMill

Building maps nowadays is quite easy but its a long time process. TileMill helps you build beautiful interactive maps easily. Build upon some great modern open source libraries (Mapnik, node.js, backbone.js, express, CodeMirror), TileMill supports mobile and by leveraging the portable, fast MBTiles format, each TileMill map will look and work great on the web […]

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