– find and share patterns, gradients or color pallets

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Every designer needs a place for inspiration when handling colors and there are a lot of sites that focus on that (like Kuler from Adobe). One of this kind of sites is also Colrd where you can find a lot of color palettes, gradients or patterns. On ColRD you can also share your web resources […]

jQuery contextMenu plugin

This jQuery contextMenu plugin was build for web applications that require menus with a large number of objects. Unlike other implementations, this contextMenu plugin treats the menu as the primary objects, meaning that a single menu defined can be used by multiple objects. Also, this plugin doesn’t need to bind itself to trigger objects allow […]

iPad shine effect using CSS3 and JavaScript

Nowadays, CSS3 and JavaScript combined together make some awesome effects and the one that we are showing todays is one of them. Tom Giannattasio has putted a few lines of JavaScript code together to make a iPad shiny effect. He used the power of CSS3 and played with gradients, masks, box shadows and transforms. The […]

Bootbox.js – alert, confirm and flexible dialogs

Bootbox.js is a nice lets call it JavaScript library for creating alert, confirm and flexible dialogs. Bootbox is Twitter Bootstrap powered and has been build to replace the crude behavior and wildly varying appearance between browsers. The result is this library that combines the basic functionality with bootstrap’s slick looking dialog boxes. Bootbox.js is very […]

Youtube video as page background: jQuery

Tubular is a small weight and fun jQuery plugin that allows you to set up any YouTube video as the page background. You have some basic controls you can use like play/mute, mute or stop video. To make this plugin work you simply to add a jQuery line code on your page and specify the […]

3 free icons sets from P.J. Onori

P.J. Onori also knows as SRD (his blog) has provided on his playground a nice list of icon sets free for use under Creative Commons License. For those who don’t know, P.J. Onori is a product designer living in San Francisco and working (currently at least) at SeaBright. He’s a big fan of dialog and […]

JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive time series graphs

Ricksaw is a simple but powerful JavaScript framework for drawing charts of time series data on a web page. The framework is build upon Mike Bostock’s D3 library and resulting charts can be powered by static historical data sets and data that can be updated in real time, anytime. This interactive time graphs builder makes […]

Opensource HTML5 game engine with API like Flash

FlashJS is a HTML5 game engine that comes with an API similar to Flash one. It allows you to develop applications in the way that is similar to ordinary AS3 development. Designed to show maximum performance for HTML/CSS platforms, FlashJS is very easy to use. You just need to write ActionScript3 inside a “actionscript” tag. […]

JavaScript UI Gesture recognizer for Mobile Safari

JsGestureRecognizer allows you to add gesture recognizers to the DOM objects for Mobile Safari like UIGestureRecognizer in iOS. Just like UIGestureRecognizer, two steps are required to enable gestures on a DOM element. First thing is to create an instance of a gesture recognizer, set its properties and initialize with a callback function and then attach […]

Backup your WordPress Blog: How-To

Today will learn how to backup our WordPress blogs using plugins. I have provided a list of plugins that I personal consider do the job quite well, but the list of WordPress backup plugins could continue so please share with us your preferred ones. WordPress Backup plugins for your blog 1. VaultPress This is rather […]

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