Bind Keyboard combinations to events with JavaScript: jWerty

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If you ever wanted to bind JavaScript functions to custom keyboard combinations you are in luck. jWerty is a JavaScript library for binding, fire or asserting key combinations strings to any element or event on the page. The plugin normalises the STD API into something easy to use and clear. jWerty is small, weighing around […]

List of free CSS3 generators

Well, if you didn’t know about CSS so far, you can find some great info here. Now, CSS3 is relatively new and has some great features to show off. Most of them were introduced to reduce the amount of time you would need to code to reach the same result (e.g. border-radius, shadows on text, […]

JavaScript motion framework: jsMorph

jsMorph is a JavaScript animation framework that can help you animate almost any HTML element on your page. The framework auto-detects start positions, auto convert units and it automatically adjusts rendering speed and corrects time leaks for a smoother animation experience. jsMorph can do single or grouped triggering and can handle plenty of unique callback […]

Custom notifications, alerts, confirmations: jsMessage

Recently the guys at DHTMLX released a great JavaScript library for creating or showing alerts, confirm boxes or unobtrusive popup messages. The appearance and content of the messages can be easily customized. Notifications can be set to auto-scroll in the right corner of the windows and you can customized the appearance of every notification. You […]

Write your text in ticker type effect: jTicker

Well, this jQuery plugin takes an elements children and display them one by one in a sequence and writing the text inside the elements in a ticker tape effect. The plugin is smart enough to ticker any text from an element hierarchy and then inserting them into the DOM tree as it needs them. Meaning, […]

GitHub on your private server: GitLab

Have you ever wanted to have GitHub functionality straight on your server? Well, now you have that chance. GitLab is an open source application build upon Ruby on Rails that lets you self-host a project in a Git repository and access it via web interface. GitLab also allows you to browse the source-code, issues or […]

Make HTML lists flexible, searchable, sortable

Have you ever wanted to make your HTML lists super flexible, searchable, sortable or filterable? You now have great way to achieve it. List.js is a small 7 KB JavaScript that can do this job for you. The JavaScript plugin is cross-browser and supports stuff like: adding, editing or removing items. You can also write […]

Create reactive documents: JavaScript

Tangle is a JavaScript library which can help you create reactive documents. Users can explore many possibilities, change or play with parameters or they can see document updates instant! This JavaScript library is simple and easy to learn. The library provides an API for tangling up the values in your document. Tangle.js works with any […]

Web symbols using custom font-face

Usually when building a website or if you work on multiple projects you are always fed up with producing the same set of web elements again and again. By web elements I’m referring to social network icons, gallery arrows or bullets or any other UI element on the page. Besides this, you always have to […]

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