The Professional Data Center Virtualization Certification Exam from VMware

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The demand in the IT field for professionals who are capable of working with data center virtualization continues to increase as more and more businesses employ virtualization technologies in the services of their daily operations. By obtaining your VMware certification at the professional level in data center virtualization, version 4, you increase your competitive stance […]

Safe Online Financial Management with Norton Internet Security

Managing your finances online with the help of Norton Internet Security is one of the biggest freedoms now. There are no more stamps to buy. No more bills and checks to mail. No more forgotten payments. But this new freedom that makes your life more convenient also makes cybercrime and identity theft more convenient. Gone […]

jQuery pagination plugin – tradpaginator

How many times have you found yourself coding again and again a pagination controls section for a project of yours? Decide which is the page range that should be illustrated, center the current page within this range, include a jump menu, bind a click action to each button in order to actually do something and […]

Cache and load static files from local storage

bootup.js is a JavaScript library that I found very useful when creating web applications. The library can help you reduce the load time of your pages by simply caching files to local storage and using them for offline use or just to improve the start-up time of you web app. The library comes with two […]

JavaScript library to access Youtube information

YouTubeVideo is a small and lightweight JavaScript library that can help you get data from YouTube videos easily. As I saw from the Github page, you can extract the title of the video but also the URL for the mp4 video or Web M URL. Unfortunately, the plugin requires both jQuery and URI.js to work […]

Responsive grid layout that adapts

Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t added content lately but I’m kind of working on some mobile themes and a book for faster websites and that kind of took my full free time. I will try to update the blog at least one time/week. Back to our resource, today I have for you a responsive grid […]

Make content sticky on scroll to a point

Trevor Davis, a front-end developer has made a really cool and helpful plugin to make any content sticky on scroll that stops at a certain point (similar to the functionality that is on 9gag). The jQuery plugin can easily be added to your project supporting several options to get you started. Options include the item […]

PHP fundamentals – PHP constants, PHP data types

Continuing with the PHP fundamentals, first we are going to talk about constants, what they are and what do they do. Basically, they represent memory zones referred by a name which initialized, it can’t change. In PHP, constants have the following characteristics. They are created using “define” which gets 2 parameters. First is the name […]

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